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Website redone... Kind of

I have just completely redone my website. Well, not so much my website as the way I keep my set needs. When you go to a sport there will just be links to PDFs that are my set needs. I have found these are easier to keep up to date than this website. I have also done this for my tradelist and ever list I use.



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This is everything I have gotten so far from SWAG BUCKS for FREE!

I have gotten about 20 vintage cards but they no longer really offer those so know I get gift cards. Here the ones I have gotten


105 - THAT'S RIGHT 105 ($525 WORTH) - $5 Amazon.com e-Gift Card
1 - iTunes Gift Card - $15 

Then get this I did some shopping through there click and earn store and I was able to earn a $100 Amazon gift card!!

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Trading sites

Site (links are provided)IDRating
Sports Card Freaks


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Sports Card Forumwhanlon159 (100%)


Avoid these traders!

1. gaff0057 from SCF

2. DLub15 from SCF

3. imok513 from SCF and The Bench

4.  boivingp from SCF